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B You Volunteers

Why should you volunteer with Barnardo’s?

Volunteers are involved in many areas of Barnardo’s work, and undertake a huge variety of tasks – for example one-to-one befriending, sorting the books and DVD’s in a shop, helping with fundraising activities, doing research and provide administrative support to services.

We believe that volunteering plays an essential role in our work to transform the lives of vulnerable children and young people across the UK through the work of our projects, campaigning, research and fundraising. Our vital work wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable contributions of volunteers. We welcome volunteers regardless of their age, ethnicity and background, disability or sexual orientation. Volunteers help us extend and enrich our work by bringing a diversity of skills, experience, community knowledge, service opportunities and funds.

The B You Child Sexual Exploitation & Nightwatch Service has had several volunteers supporting the service administratively; they have been truly invaluable to us. Becoming a B You volunteer means you can spend as little as 4 hours a week supporting the B You service in providing your help and assistance to protect vulnerable young people. If you speak to people who already volunteer they will tell you they do it because they love it, and to give something back.

So why not help the vulnerable children and young people and have fun at the same time?

Hear firsthand what it's like to volunteer for the B You CSE & Nightwatch service.

Previous Volunteers

Inese Dabolina

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Stephanie Harris

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