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Frequently asked questions

Young Carers

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Q. What happens if I don’t want my family to know I am in contact with CareFree?

A. If you are under 16, we could only meet with you in school or offer you support over the phone. If you are worried about your family knowing, we would be happy to help you think about the best way to tell them but only if you wanted to.

Q. Can my best friend come to the young carers’ group with me?

A. CareFree can only work with young carers, so your friend would only be able to come if he or she were also registered with us as a young carer. It’s easy to make new friends at a young carers’ group but if you were worried about this, we could introduce you to a member before your first meeting, so that you already know someone when you first go.

Q. Can CareFree help me if I’m being bullied?

A. CareFree often helps young carers to sort out bullying problems in school. A project worker would meet with you to find out what the problem is and how you want us to help you with it eg. speaking to a teacher on your behalf or helping you to think about what you want to happen and supporting you to tell a teacher yourself.

Q. Will you tell my parents and teachers what I talk to you about?

A. Anything you tell CareFree staff will remain confidential unless you ask us to share it with someone else or we are concerned that what you have told us means you or someone else is at risk of being harmed.



Q. Is there a charge for the activities and holidays?

A. CareFree does not charge for any of its services.

Q. Who will support me when my son or daughter goes out with CareFree?

A. A project worker will help you to identify local, informal support. If this is not possible, with your permission, we would contact Adult Social Care Services or an agency such as Crossroads to get the help you require.

Q. How will I know my child will be safe with CareFree staff?

A. All CareFree staff and volunteers are trained and police screened in line with national standards. We will also ask you to complete and sign a consent form so that we are aware of any health difficulties your child has and who to contact in an emergency if we cannot reach you by phone.  If your child has particular health or behavioural issues, we will work with you to write a risk assessment to ensure their safety and wellbeing whilst they are in our care.



Q. Can families self-refer?

A. Yes, we welcome self-referrals but we may also contact professionals known to the family to avoid duplication of effort.

Q. What is your eligibility criteria?

A. Young carers are eligible to join CareFree if their care responsibilities are impacting negatively on a least one aspect of the young person's health or development eg educational achievement.  Eligibility differs slightly in the City and County, so please read the relevant eligibility sections.

Q. Is your service time limited?

A. We offer intensive case work support for up to six months, when cases are then generally closed.  However, young carers may be able to continue to access a young carers' group whilst they remain eligible to do so.

Q. Do you provide transport for young carers?

A. Yes, wherever possiblt, although if family members are able to help they are positively encouraged to do so.