Frequently asked questions

The following are some of the questions the Challenge Events team regularly receive, either from people interested in taking part in a challenge or those who are already signed up to one.

I want to do an event for Barnardo's which is not listed on your site - can I still do it?

Absolutely - we will support people taking on all kinds of challenges, and can provide fundraising support and a member of the Challenge Events team dedicated to looking after you. Have a look at our Do Your Own Challenge page for a bit more information and to get in touch.

If I sign up to an event for Barnardo's, what support will I get?

Every participant in a Barnardo's Challenge Event, no matter what the event is, will receive fundraising and training advice, regular contact from the Challenge Events team, the opportunity to visit a Barnardo's project, access to online fundraising and a Barnardo's vest or t-shirt.
All participants will also have access to our forum and will receive an official certificate after their event to recognise their achievements.

For some events, participants will be invited to attend our training days and meet and greet evenings. Depending on the event in question, participants might also benefit from noisy, enthusiastic cheering stations around the route, post-race receptions (some with free sports massage), souvenir photos from the day and goody bags.

For more information on the support available from Barnardo's, have a look at our team benefits page, or at the event page for the challenge you would like to do.

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When will I receive my running number and on the day information for my race?

As a general rule, you can expect to receive your running number and race day information between a month and two weeks before your event (depending on the distance of your run and the date you sign up).

For most challenges, information like this will be sent out to you by the event organisers and we will be in touch to let you know when the organisers are sending everything out.

If we have told you that it should be coming out and you have not received anything, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can try to sort it out for you - the later you leave it, the harder it will be for us to make sure that everything is sent out to you in time for your race.

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What happens if I register to a challenge, and I am injured or ill and therefore cannot take part?

Injuries and illnesses happen - they're part of life. If you are unable to take part in your challenge, the most important thing for you to do is to let us know as soon as possible.

Depending on when you pull out, we might be able to give your place to somebody else, so that Barnardo's does not lose out. We will also be able to advise you on who to alert to the fact that you will have to pull out - you may need to tell the race/challenge organiser, and you may need to refer to the terms and conditions of your booking - especially for overseas adventures.

If you are unable to take part in your chosen challenge, and you have already raised sponsorship for your challenge, you will need to get in touch with everyone who has supported you to let them know that you are not actually doing the challenge they have sponsored you for. You should give them the right to request a refund on their donation.

If you do not take part in your challenge, then we will not still ask you to pay in the minimum sponsorship requirement. Any registration fees you have paid are, however, non-refundable.

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My family and friends want to come and cheer me on - can they do this?

Your family and friends are more than welcome to join us at our Barnardo's cheering stations. We will be there early on so will have space reserved. We will also have Barnardo's banners, balloons and CheerStix. We will let you know in advance of your race where we will be, so it will be easier for you to spot your loved ones as you run by.

Your friends and family can register to join our cheering stations by looking at our volunteering pages.

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Can I register online for an event?

Online registration is available for some events, but for others we receive so many applications for our places, we have to implement an application process which means that we cannot accept all applications.

If your chosen challenge has online registration available, the 'Register your interest' button on the event page will take you straight to the online registration page.

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I'm doing an overseas adventure - do I send the registration fee to you?

Our overseas adventures are all run by tour operators on our behalf, as the tour operators have the experience, insurance and ATOL protection necessary to run these kinds of challenges. Therefore, registration fees should be sent directly to the appropriate tour operator when you complete your booking form.

Please note also, that the terms and conditions of your booking are with the tour operator rather than with Barnardo's - we will only stipulate fundraising terms and conditions, and do not have any control over insurance, travel arrangements or anything else to do with the trip itself.
If you would like more information about this, then just get in touch.

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I would like to visit a Barnardo's project - can this be arranged?

If you are registered to one of our events, we will get in touch with you about the possibility of you visiting a Barnardo's project. We do have projects across the UK and we will try to arrange visits near you. Due to the demands on our projects' time, we would ask that if you do want to visit a project, you first get in touch with the Challenge Events team.

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I want to do one of your overseas adventures, but I cannot make the dates you have available. Is there is a way I can still do the event?

Yes - we promote the events run by our preferred tour operators. Those tour operators will run several events a year, according to their own schedules. However, if you cannot make the dates they have on offer, we could look at an alternative tour operator for you so that you can still do your dream challenge - just get in touch with us and we will try our best to find a suitable event date for you.

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