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Frequently asked questions

Why are there sponsorship targets for guaranteed places in running events, while people who have their own place just have to raise as much as possible?

Barnardo's has to pay for its places in the various races, along with advertising packages to promote the places to the public. For some of the very popular races, this means we have to pay a lot of money.

In order to ensure that we contribute as much of your money as possible to Barnardo's work with children and young people across the UK we, like other charities, have to set a minimum sponsorship target.

Those people who have been successful in securing their own place in an event have paid for that place themselves, and so it would be unfair to set them a target to cover costs which they have paid for themselves.
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Is Gift Aid included in my sponsorship target?

Barnardo's policy, like that of many other charities, is that Gift Aid is not included in sponsorship targets.
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What happens if I cannot raise the full amount stipulated as the minimum sponsorship for my chosen challenge?

When you apply for one of our guaranteed places, you will be asked to complete an application form. On this form, you sign to say that you understand you will be committing to paying the relevant registration fee, and raising the relevant amount of sponsorship money.
If you fall short of the sponsorship amount, we will want to work with you to try to establish a means of you paying the money in to us - perhaps in instalments over time.
However, we will be working with you from the minute you sign up to ensure that you are able to raise the required amount and we would encourage all participants to contact us as soon as possible if they are worried about reaching their target.

It is important that you consider the commitment to the charity before you apply for one of our places - if you cannot reach the commitment, we would suggest that you enter the public ballot to your chosen event and try to get your own place - that way you will just be asked to raise as much as possible.

If you are doing an overseas adventure and you are fundraising a minimum amount, then  you will be required to pay in 80% of your sponsorship money around 2 months before your trip departs. If you do not pay this money in by the deadline set when you sign up, then there is a chance that you will not be able to take part in your challenge.
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Can I hold a street collection to raise some money?

Street collections can be a great way to raise money, but you will need permission from the person who owns the land before your collection can take place.

If you want to collect on your local high street, you will need to contact your local council (or the Metropolitan Police if you live in London).

If you want to collect at the entrance of your local supermarket, it might be the supermarket which owns the land, in which case you will need their permission.

You will also need to have a copy of permission from Barnardo's for the collection to take place. If you want to arrange a street collection, contact the Challenge Events team for advice on how to go about this.
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Can I hold a raffle to raise some money?

Raffles can be a great way of raising some additional money for your challenge. However, there are some strict rules governing how they can be run.

The simplest way to hold a raffle within the rules is to hold it alongside another event - a pub quiz, for example. You will need to sell tickets during your event, and the raffle has to be drawn and prizes given out on the same night. If you do a raffle this way, you won't need a licence.

If you want to hold a raffle on its own, you will need a specific licence so get in touch.
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Can I fundraise with a friend?

Yes absolutely - if there are two or more of you doing an event, then you can get together to raise your money. Just remember that sponsorship targets are per person.

If you are going to fundraise with a friend or as a team then all we ask is that you let us know as soon as you can.
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I have collected in my sponsorship money, and have some cash and cheques. How can I pay everything in?

Please see our helpful tips page on how to pay in your fundraised money.
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Can I fundraise online?

Absolutely - online fundraising is a fantastic way for you to collect sponsorship from your friends, family and colleagues - particularly those you don't see every day. From your donors' point of view, it's a quick, easy and secure method of donating. See our helpful tips page to fundraising money.
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