Coventry and Warwickshire CRS


Are you a young person (or working with a young person) in the care of the local authority, involved with social care around Child Protection Conferences, Family Group Conferences, or aged 16/17 years and homeless? Are you feeling frustrated, unhappy, like no-one listens to you? Are there problems with contact, want help in meetings, issues at home, or want to make a complaint?

If you are in care, have a social worker from Coventry or Warwickshire (no matter where you live in the country), and have an issue like this, you may be eligible for an Advocate. The role of advocacy is to represent your wishes and feelings, to ensure you understand the decisions made about you, and to pursue the outcome that you want. We can meet with you where you feel most comfortable and work flexibly to understand your priorities. We represent you, so we don’t know information that is not known to you, and we always share everything we know with you too. These are the types of issues we regularly work on:

  • LAC review and other meetings
  • Complaints
  • Care plan
  • Placement difficulties/choice
  • Transitions assessments
  • Education
  • Legal problems
  • And more!

If you are not in care, but have a Coventry or Warwickshire social worker, we might be able to help you with Child Protection Conferences, Family Group Conferences, formal complaints, or 16/17 year old homeless assessments.

Advocates can help young people in Care or who have a social worker to make a complaint. More information about the complaints process can be found on the Customer Relations Teams' website pages:

Warwickshire County Council

Coventry City Council

Here are some useful documents about Child Protection Conferences, and an overview of how we can help you writing in Arabic, Polish and Pashtu.

Barnardo’s Children’s Rights Service is independent, works confidentially with the young person, and is just a phone call away! We can accept referrals by phone from anyone as long as we have the young person’s consent. And we have no waiting list. Please call 02476 372596 (or Freephone 0800 0272118) or email us at coventry&[email protected] to discuss possible referrals or seek advice.