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Donate in memory

To make an online donation in memory of someone special, please complete and submit the form below. After your donation has been processed you will have the opportunity to fill in the contact details of the next of kin if you wish Barnardo's to inform them of your donation (we will not reveal the amount).

Thank you for thinking of Barnardo's at this time.

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Gift Aid

GiftAid it... If you are a UK tax payer, we can receive 25p for every £1 you are giving - or have given - at no extra cost to you by just ticking the box below. This is because the government's Gift Aid scheme allows us to reclaim tax on donations.

Learn more about Gift Aid

How does my gift qualify for Gift Aid?

Selecting the Gift Aid declaration tick-box enables Barnardo's to claim back the tax on your donation.

Barnardo's can only reclaim the basic rate of tax if you are a UK tax payer and have paid enough tax for the tax year to cover the amount reclaimed on your gifts made to all charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs. If you have not paid enough tax to cover all your donations for that year, you are responsible for paying back any difference.This is subject to the normal time limit in which tax can be reclaimed which is four years.

So would you like to Gift aid your donation?

I want Barnardo's to treat all donations I have made for the four years prior to this year and all donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise, as gift aid donations.

Special message

If you could please take a few moments to fill in the following details we would be most grateful.

We would be honoured to know the reason why you have decided to commemorate the life of your friend or relative in this way. If you fill in the name of the person you are remembering, we can record the name in our Book of Dedication which is kept in the Barnardo's church in Barkingside. Please be assured that your replies will be treated as confidential.

Your information

Barnardo's values your support and promises to respect your privacy. The data we gather and hold is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). We will not disclose, or share personal information supplied by you, with any third party organisations without your consent.

We would like to contact you about Barnardo's work and fundraising activities. Please confirm that you are happy for us to do this.


£10 could pay for an emergency wash and personal care kit for a homeless young person


£25 could pay for emergency supporting lodgings for a young homeless person for one night


£50 covers the weekly cost of running a community youth group for children living in disadvantaged areas.


£100 pay for a child to have three sessions with a psychologist to help rebuild their life after sexual abuse.

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