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The Isle of Wight 0-19 years Family Centres aims to provide support and guidance for children, young people and families. The centres have built on the children’s centres offer and this new model seeks to help parents/carers throughout all developmental stages from birth to adulthood. Centres offer access to services provided by a range of partner agencies such as health visitors and midwives and some specialist support services for those with additional support needs.  


Where can I access the Family Centres?

This service is divided into three localities within the island;

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  1. North East
  2. West & Central
  3. South Wight

Within each of these localities similar services and classes are offered. For further information on what centres/facilities make up each locality and where they are located, please visit the individual locality links above.

In addition, to find out about the general services offered by the family centres visit our services. Alternatively, on every sub-page on this site locations and times for classes in each locality are presented.

Our values at Barnardo’s

At Barnardo’s we have core beliefs which have been retained since the charity’s founding in 1866. Although the services we provide have expanded and evolved, our mission remains.

In light of this, 3 key values define what we are about:

  1. Unique worth of every person: We celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of everyone. We recognise all individuals have personal strengths. This belief in equality is captured by our drive to remove barriers and discrimination from our services, so all are welcome.
  2. Work with hope: We want to create a future that is better for children.
  3. Encourage children to reach their full potential: No matter who you are, where you are from or what your background is, we believe every child should have the support and opportunity that they need to reach their potential.

For further information on our values please see this leaflet.