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CEO Blog on Retail Campaign

Release Date: 17 Feb 2015

Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan talks about the Binky Felstead Retail Campaign

Barnardo’s as a charity exists to support the most vulnerable children across the UK. Our 590 retail shops are part of the charity's trading arm and bring in more than £11m per year to support that work.

Any campaign we run, whether for retail or fundraising is with the sole purpose of raising more funds to sustain the work we do. Our goal is always to help more children. The right promotion of a retail campaign can raise over £100,000 of donated stock to support that work.

These days, the ‘right promotion’ can often mean getting the right celebrity on board to front the campaign. Charities are facing enormous pressure to meet the demands of our celebrity-focused culture. Celebrity support can significantly boost the funds raised through events, partnerships and other projects. But finding such support is not always easy.

Barnardo’s is fortunate in the number of celebrities who are willing to give up their time free to support the direct work we do with children. However, the commercial environment in which our shops operate makes it harder to attract celebrity support. Indeed, we have struggled in the past to find celebrities to front recent retail campaigns.  So we decided to try out offering a limited fee for our latest campaign. This was the first time we had explored such a step and it was not a decision taken lightly.

It was in this context that we were to invest £3,000 in paying Binky from Made in Chelsea to front our campaign. This involves photographs to profile the campaign and media interviews, along with her promoting her link with Barnardo’s on social media. Binky has 760,000 followers on Twitter and appeals to a new, wider audience that we want to attract into our shops.

As a charity we want to do what works best to raise money for the children we support. Of course, we always prefer if celebrities donate their time free of charge. As the world changes, however, we need to test new approaches. This was the first time we have explored paying a fee to a celebrity for a retail campaign and we clearly need to take stock to assess the impact.

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