Orchard/Mosaic Project

Barnardo’s Orchard/Mosaic project

Painting by one of Mosaic's clients of Barnardo's Mosaic project as a safe place

Barnardo's Orchard Mosaic service has several strands of work.  We offer:

  • Therapeutic Support Services (seith specialism in Bereavement, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Abuse).
  • Child Bereavement Support.
  • Early Intervention and Prevention.
    - Massage In Schools Programmes
    - Pyramid therapeutic school groups.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Family Support Services.
  • Sexual Behaviour Unit - Risk Assessments and Treatment for sexual offenders and parents where there are concerns about their capacity to protect.
  • Work with Children of Prisoners and Offenders.
  • Circles of Support and Accountability Service.
  • B-Venture - Working with children and families where a parent/carer is serving or has served a custodial sentence.

We also offer training and consultancy to external agencies