Pharos Service

The Hidden Harm Agenda


The Governments ‘Hidden Harm’ reports (ACMD 2003, 2007) revealed the large numbers of children across the UK living with parents who misuse drugs – an estimated 200,000. This figure greatly increases when also considering children affected by parental alcohol misuse. Northern Ireland responded to this problem by commissioning services under what became known as the ‘Hidden Harm’ agenda. As one such initiative the PHAROS Service came into being in 2007. Since this time we have aimed to support children affected by parental substance misuse and assist their parents to make positive changes in their lives. Our ‘Hidden Harm’ DVD was designed to raise awareness of the plight children face and give our young service users a ‘voice’ on behalf of the many, many children whose voices still go unheard.

If you would like to read the Barnardos Hidden Harm, Policy and practice briefing report click here: Hidden Harm Report (PDF)

by Ursula Burke: