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Our fundraising promise

At Barnardo’s, we are committed to ensuring that we are completely open and transparent about our fundraising and spending. One of our four key values is exercising responsible stewardship and we are always honest about where we get our money and the way in which it is spent.

As members of the Fundraising Regulator's self-regulatory scheme you can Give With Confidence, knowing that we comply with its principles:

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If you would like to find out more visit the Fundraising Regulator website.

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We are also members of the ImpACT Coalition of charities, working to enhance public trust and confidence in the charity sector through greater Accountability, Clarity and Transparency.

Detailed spending information is available in our current 2010 annual report and accounts. (PDF)

We have provided answers to the more frequently asked questions. However if you have any complaints or reasonable questions about our work, please contact us.

Important notice please note that any Barnardo’s financial appeal would ask supporters to donate to us either via our website or via a cheque made payable to Barnardo’s. If you receive an email asking for any other kind of financial support, by any other means, it is almost certainly fraudulent and has not been sent by this organisation. Please report such an email to the Digital Communications team.